Advent Procession of Lessons and Carols - December 14, 2014

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St. John’s Adult and Youth Choirs, Scott Lamlein, organist/choirmaster, Floyd Higgins, guest organist, While all things were in quiet silence – Ned Rorem, The Lamb – John Tavener, A spotless rose – Herbert Howells, People, look east – Besancon Carol, Ave Maria – Tomas de Luis Victoria, Magnificat (Collegium Regale) – Herbert Howells, A New Heaven – Robert Prizeman, Advent Carols for Congregation and Choir

By St. John's Church 12/17/2014 03:33 PM

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  1. martin wright wrote on 08/26/2016 01:46 PM

    liked the postlude. sops did a very good job coming in at the acclamation of the gloria in the howells mag. i absolutely love his mag and the nunc. i assume that the nunc was not done because of our 3rd sunday of advent and mary's praise to God. Being a former roman, they (who knows, now)use to sing mary's mag on the 4th Sunday of advent, in the good ole days. most of the music is now treading on being trash, but i hope that doesn't hurt any one's feelings. i'm from memphis, and i attend grace-st. luke's and the cathedral church of st. mary's, episcopal. i sub for various organist, from time to time, and st. mary's is a basically gothic structure, w/ a very nice organ and about a 3 second reverb in the nave. they do most categories of music, but particularly tudor, renaissance, and gothic, etc. they have about 25 in the adult choir, and about 9 of those are paid professional singers. grace-st. luke's has about thirty-something, w/ paid principals in each section. they have very capable organists, and a wonderful organ and console. it is about 7 years old. i would love to hear you all sing howells, jubilate deo. i really enjoy singing it, but i love just to sit back and listen to it, which, as you know, is a completely different experience. i always think of the old hercules movies, as the piece goes into the gloria, for it has similar chord structure to the herc sound tracks.:) what kind of instrument do you have? i notice that you all sing much of the powell, willan, hurd, proulx service music as we sing. i am a lover of modified anglican chant, as well as traditional english psalms and much of the ionian psalter. i guess my favorite piece is the misereri, set to winifred douglas. during lent and advent, we usually do him, and the kyrie from durefle' requiem or the faure'. i have attended services in greenwich, but i have never been to your place. i will have to get over one of these days. i know podcasts and my earphones drop a good deal of nuance. well, i did not mean to rattle on and bore you to death, but it is good to hear very decent services, when they are available on line. i was searching for a good choir singing the tallis, third mode, i heard the voice of jesus say, and my search brought you up, so i listened to a service in 2016, and i decided that it would be worth listening to everything. i'll find the piece two years back, in a while. i'm not sure about some of my spellcheck, so look over the errors, please. if ever in memphis, drop by. God bless

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